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43rd NS14 National Championships - Cronulla Sailing Club 27 December 2010 - 3 January 2011



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44th National Championship
Port Dalrymple Yacht Club, Beauty Point, Tasmania
27th December 2012 to 3rd January 2013

PLEASE NOTE: Notice of Race and Entry Form available September
– dates are locked in as per above

The 2012/13 NS14 National Championship will be hosted by Port Dalrymple Yacht Club at Beauty Point in Northern Tasmania. The venue will provide racing in sheltered waters, great Tasmanian hospitality and the opportunity to combine your visit with a fantastic holiday. If you are bringing your car on the Spirit of Tasmania you are encouraged to book early as there are other sailing championships in Tasmania next summer in addition to normal holiday visitors and demand will be high.

Registration/Invitation race will be on 27th December and race sessions each day from 28th December to 3rd January with a lay day on 1 January. Further information updates will be provided during the year.

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43rd NS14 National Championship, Cronulla Sailing Club, Sydney
27th December 2011 to 3rd January 2012

The 2011/12 NS14 National Championship will be hosted by Cronulla Sailing Club with sailing on Bate Bay off Cronulla Beach or in the Port Hacking Estuary. This will provide some great sailing in open water and the club has hosted some major events in recent years so is organised to put on a great regatta. Click here for more information.

09/09/11 - NS14 National Constitution (January 2011)
Download here a revised version of the National Constitution.

09/08/11 - NS14 National Council Meeting June 2011
Download National Council meeting Minutes June 2011

01/06/11 - NS14 National Executive Meeting (February 2011)
Minutes from the NS14 National Executive Meeting held in February 2011 is now available.
Download National Executive Meeting Minutes Feb 2011 (PDF)

10/01/11 - Council Meeting Minutes and Sailor's Meeting Report
Council Meeting Minutes and a report from the Sailor's Meeting held during the 42nd NS14 National Championships in Canberra are now available.
Download Council Meeting Minutes Jan 2011(PDF)
Download Sailor's Meeting Report Jan 2011(PDF)

04/01/11 - 42nd NS14 National Championship Report
Peter Vaiciurgis won his ninth national NS14 title from 45 other entrants from Queensland, NSW, South Australia and the ACT. He teamed up for the first time with Tina Babbage as crew in “2031”. Read Report >>

28/12/10 42nd NS14 National Championship Results
Results from the National Championships at the Canberra Yacht Club are now available. View Results

01/12/10 - National Measurement Policy
National Measurement Policy Sailmakers as Measurers 1-11-2010 (Download PDF)

01/12/10 - National Measurement Policy
National Measurement Policy Electronic Compasses Constitution 11.9.5 1-11-2010 (Download PDF)

01/12/10 - Updated NS14 Constitution
NS14 Constitution - June 2010 (Download PDF)

02/11/10 - Boat Register Updated
The NS14 Boat Register is designed to track where boats are sailing now and by whom. It can also provide useful information for people looking to trade a boat and can identify where a boat they are interested in is located and whether it is being used.

Please help us keep this Register up to date. Contact us if you buy or sell a boat or let us know if you stop or start sailing.

25/07/10 - National Executive Meetings in May and June
Minutes of the meetings and the President's Report are below:
NS14 National Executive Meeting May 2010 (PDF)
NS14 National Executive Meeting June 2010 (PDF)
NS14 National President's Report 2010 (PDF)
NS14 Information Gathering Policy (PDF)

21/04/10 - National Policies
National Policies to be read in conjunction with the Constitution. Download PDF

12/03/10 - National Executive Meeting in March
Minutes from the National Council Meeting held in March 2010 are now available and Agenda notes for the National Executive Meeting.
Minutes Executive Meeting March 2010 (PDF)
Agenda Executive Meeting March 2010 (PDF)

26/02/10 - National Council Meeting
Minutes from the National Council Meeting held in February 2010 are now available.
National Council Meeting Minutes (PDF)
NS14 National Balance Sheet 2009 (PDF)
NS14 National Profit and Loss Statement 2009 (PDF)

19/02/09 - NS14 National Constitution (June 2010)
Download here a revised version of the National Constitution following the change to section 11 to accommodate the widening of the boats that can be measured under the rules that existed at the time of their construction. This change has now been approved by Council and NSW Dept of Fair Trading.




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