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SA News 2013

NS14 NEWS – March 2013

9th Feb – club heat 4

A Glorious day on the water- first 3 boats:-

Without a trace

Slip sliding away

Liquid Insanity

16th Feb

With a dodgy forecast of S/SW 5-8 Knots (the weather seems to be getting lighter by the week) the fleet took to the water.  Jack was so pleased to have Julia fresh back from India that he didn’t hit the reef and gave Bob & Christine curry for the whole race.

Dave won; Deb came second with a brilliant start fuelled by a pre race peach smoothy.

Jumbo decided the forecast did look not worth a rushed flight back from London and chose to stay in freezing conditions rather than sweat it out on the water.

Bob was third, then Adrian, Jem and Chris.

23rd Feb

Yet another light day.  With the fleet down a couple with the skipper on team liquid resting up, and John Haines without son Matt.   John still took to the water (literally) with a turn on the committee boat – much to their surprise he did a double back flip to retrieve his wallet which had made its way over the side and into the water.  Macca awarded him a score of 9.5.  John, his wallet and his phone remained wet for the rest of the arvo.

Dave and Kathryn won

Deb and I were second and won the goblets

Adrian and Ben were third.

2nd March

Christine was off at a wedding so Bob merged two of his favourite things together and took dance partner Carmel out for a sail, we reassured her that Bob didn’t capsize EVERY week.

With the arrival of our own weather god, Jason Tomczyk bringing quite a nice breeze – crews could get off the leeward side and onto the windward tank – thank goodness.

Tom couldn’t see as he had just had some work done on his eyes???? With skipper Chris they remained in the pounce position all day – Tom had no idea (the old joke- what do you call a deer with no eyes? – no idea) does come to mind.

Over the line results - Dave, Adrian, Deb, Jumbo and then Chris and Tom.

This was a great day for The Dart as their performance gave Leslie her first glass – well done team!

Adrian was doing a very convincing Julia Gillard imitation after the race with some very studious glasses on (he advised us he was just reading something on his phone) – yeah right!

SA NS14 State Championships 2013

Off to Christies Beach Sailing Club for a State Heat weekend, our first go at this format.  With the forecast over 35 degrees each day and the weather “variable” i.e. all over the place and not much of it, could we get a series in?

Saturday we started in a very light breeze, the first start was a general recall – the tide was making it impossible to make any headway.

Finally we got away – some of the more fluky teams like Bob hit the pointy end of the fleet but there was no catching Wayne Hale and Steve Jones (who had been specially flown over from NSW to compete).  Luckily for those who were at the back of the fleet and possibly because Bob was in second place we heard the sound of 3 guns to signal the early non result of heat 1

Heat 1 was resailed on Sunday morning in yet another light breeze, with Bob heading off (much to Christine’s frustration) on various tangents and none of which were in the right direction.  It was:-

Fine Tune (which is for sale by the way) – Wayne and Steve

2031 (surely one of our boat suggestions is OK!!!) Jake with Daniel Adams

Powderburn – Deb and I

Without a Trace – Dave & Kathryn

Red Joker – Adrian & Ben

Slip Slidin’ Away – Jem and Libby

One Trick Pony (which still has Rum Tum Tugger signage) Marc and Georgia Read

The Dart – John & Leslie Jenkins

SLRR – Bob & Christine

Optimist – Scott & Thomas Keough

DNC – Team Insane (Chris had a gig)

Heat 2 It was back to back for heat 2 – another light breeze with the massive tide pulling the teams in the wrong direction.


Fine Tune, 2031, Without a Trace, Powderburn, Red Joker, The Dart, SLRR, One Trick Pony, Optimist.

In for a lunch break and back out on the water at 3.30pm for another 2 back to back races.

Team Fine Tune are killing it at the moment.

Jem really enjoying the experience of constant racing and described it as awesome!  He did hit Dave on the last leg near the finish and was seen to do the 720 penalty proving that the theory of if you can’t beat them then hit them doesn’t work – because they beat you whilst you are doing your 720.

Christies have done a great job of trying to get a series for us, with short 45-50 min courses, sometimes starboard rounding and shortening when required meant that even though we had to sail 4 races in 1 day – we had results that counted and it wasn’t all for nothing.

Jumbo quite often said to Leslie that he “should have done this” or “he should have done that”

Proving that even really great sailors have difficulty mastering these light and twitchy boats.  I think secretly she was hoping that he would actually do what he was going to do.

Heat 3


Fine Tune, Powderburn (Yay), Without a Trace, 2031, Red Joker, One Trick Pony, SLRR, Slip Slidin’ Away, The Dart, Optimist.

Heat 4

Jake – Faked a tack and got in front of us – we won’t be fooled next time.  Jake also enjoyed having a crew who spoke the same language as him (that must be the “Mean” language), Daniel had great pole work and both team members enjoyed beating Dave and Kathryn.


Fine Tune, Without a Trace, One Trick Pony, Slip Slidin’ Away, Red Joker, SLRR, The Dart, 2031, Powderburn, Optimist.

That was the end of Sunday racing – back to Christies for the final day at an optimistic start time of 11am.

11am arrived and racing was postponed.

Adrian interviewed the top 4 placed boats – I am sure it will be uploaded onto the NS14 web page soon – Deb’s interview was quite revealing!

We spent the morning wandering to the cafe for a real coffee, then compared tan lines and bruises.

Word from the Bridge advised that there was wind at Maslins Beach – this sounded hopeful.  Chris – Skipper on Liquid Insanity said he and Tom – lucky his eyes are not fully functional could clean up on both races as the rest of the teams would have fainted seeing him in the nude (his words not mine!!)

Perhaps  NS should now stand for Nude Sailing!!!!

Deb and I had strategically left the carbon fibre boom resting its pyjamas until the last minute but were forced to rig by the rest of the already rigged teams by the announcement of a 1.30 start.  We rigged, changed and psyched up to beat that nuisance – Jake - only to be told racing had been cancelled for the rest of the day – I can’t say that we were disappointed.

Wayne Hale

Overall results

1st - Fine Tune – Wayne and Steve                                4 points

2nd - Without a Trace – Dave & Kathryn                   12 points

3rd - 2031 – Jake and Daniel                                             16 points

4th Powderburn – Deb and Lisa                                      18 points

5thRed Joker – Adrian and Ben                                        20 points

One Trick Pony – Marc and Georgia                            24 points

SLRR – Bob and Christine                                                   28 points

Slip Slidin’ Away – Jem and Libby                                 30 points

The Dart – John & Leslie Jenkins                                                    39 points

Optimist – Scott & Thomas Keough                            44 points

Thanks to Christies for getting a series in under difficult circumstances.

Handicap and other results will be announced at the NS14 presentation night function at the end of the season.

Due to the light weather and the cramped conditions felt by most crews, a response has been made by His Lordship, published elsewhere (and hopefully pages away from my article) in the newsletter.

Responses received will be published, if you care to send them in to me.

Catch you next month


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