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National Council Meeting

held at Teralba SC on January 3rd 2015
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Teralba Amateur
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28 Dec - 4 Jan 2015






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SA News 2015

NS14 News – March 2015


With Nat and Alex safely in Second Valley at their wedding, and a couple of short (very short) races and a couple of other significant boat attending the wedding, Hammertime was the boat to beat, with an Academy Award winning performance to secure the Consistency Trophy.

It was great to see Ash and her crew trying out Modest Mouse with an intention to purchase, another Cherub sailor joining our fleet – we hope so.

Ash sailed very well in the light conditions to be first over the line, Hammertime loves the light weather and we were the first official boat to finish the race.

Adrian and Chris were first in the second race and we were third, another excellent result.

As Deb and Dave were one of the official wedding guests, Ashely offered himself around as a crew. He turned out to be 3rd on a list of 4 for Chris Hart and found to his surprise that other skippers, either found him to heavy or too old – being a NS14 crew is a tough gig!

Chris's exceptional regular crew, Tom has just undergone surgery on his arm as a result of sailing with Chris at Port Vincent, his injury just slightly worse than ever trustworthy crew Chris on Bad Joker who was sporting several bruises and a black eye - Oh! Adrian surely that is not the way to keep a crew! Unless you are following the old theory of “treat em mean – keep em keen”?

Bob also sailed at Port Vincent with the express reason to stretch his jib to make it bigger to perform better in the light conditions we have been experiencing.

21st March

Deb got Jake out on the water as a crew – It seems he really enjoyed his day out however it was a frustrating day with sloppy conditions. Here's hoping he gets 2031 back out on the water before 2031 and hopefully in 2016.

The extremely consistent sailing of Hammertime went out the window today, mostly (or probably entirely due to the high level of frustration and discomfort oozing from the crew.

Chris Hart sailed with a mate as Ashley was too heavy and old (or was it because he was away?), he also won the goblets – well done Mr Hart.

First over the line was Alex and Nat clearly still in love even after the wedding day though exhausted from hiking out all day. Bad Joker was next followed by the Dart (Lesley was complaining of sore knees as well).

27th March – Crews Race....

Great to see Libby back on board after all her treatment. Jem treated her to a first over the line – unfortunately with it being the long anticipated crews race she didn't receive a hooter or a gun, but there was smiles all round.

With skippers refusing to crew with an array of dodgy reasons, sick wives, sick crews, sick them selves there were not that many starters. Poor John Haines desperate for a sail decided to take me on as a skipper, a decision I am sure he is still regretting, he should have sent me back to the beach after I was scraped down the side by a 505 and did several circles 100 m off the shore. I continued to circle each tack in a dizzying display of facing backwards and trying to change hands with main sheet and tiller (once I worked out that you did need to change hands), it was is commonly know as a “dogs breakfast” and I don't think I could buy John enough beers to make up.

Ashley sailed really well and was not too heavy or too old and got the gun, next was Chris and Adrian who was complaining about sore knees – in 3rd place was Nat and Alex- Nat was exhausted. I was morally 4th though could not sail faster than the tide to actually cross the finish line. I am sure that we all now have a greater appreciation of each other.

Alex is now in stealth mode with a mast, sails and foils but no hull! - the reason for this is that Ash has bought Modest Mouse and will be joining the fleet next season – really great news guys.

With the end of the season very close, we are working on increasing the numbers even further with the following suggestions supplied by Chris Hart – I reckon he is onto something.



I have thought about how we can attract people into sailing and the NS14 in particular. I have observed that the demographic (20 to 35 age group) we need to reach appear to be enamoured with Reality T V shows such as the following …. My Kitchen Rules, Australian Idol, The Voice, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, The Shark Tank and The Block etc. Perhaps we could initiate a strategy that would entice this group to become involved in NS14‘s,. and sailing as a whole. Allow me to introduce some Sailing Reality initiatives.

1. My Cockpit Rules

Get 2 high profile sailors (preferably 1 with an exotic foreign accent) to act as judges.

Competitors, over a period of time, show their crew-anally skills at

Boat preparation, Pre race food, In race catering, After race drinks, The BBQ as well as standard cockpit arts, Splicing, whipping and knots.

The finalist should guarantee a position as a NS14 crew.

2. The Crew Tank.

Four nautical heavyweights make up the panel. Applicants will present before the panel their ground breaking brainwaves I.e. New self tacking jib system, Foil profiles, mast rake theory etc. The panel will put their support behind the best application and mentor that winner into a successful NS14 career.

3. The Deck.

Teams of 2 will be tasked with restoring an N S 14. Each week they will be work on a particular area of the craft i.e. Foredeck, Cockpit, Blades, Rig, Trailer, etc

Points will be awarded for originality, colour co-ordination, attention to detail, fittings and fixtures. The finished boats will be auctioned and the Deck Heads would readily be accepted into the sailing ranks.

4. I’m a Crew Get Me Out Of Here.

An eclectic mix of hopefuls will be taken to an exotic Club location where they will undergo a variety of challenges to prove their suitability as an NS14 crew. Ordeals would include, Donning wet foul smelling sailing clobber, Eating soggy health bars and other substances from the depths of sailing bags, Pulling dolly’s through soft sand, Verbal skipper-al abuse, Severe sunburn, blisters and swimming around upturned boats. The eventual winner would have proved beyond doubt their suitability as an NS14 crew.

5. The Crew.

Four skippers will sit in large high backed chairs with their backs to the contestants. One at a time each contestant will take centre stage and perform vocal calls such as “Starboard”, “Buoy Room”,” Ready to Tack”’, “You’re a great Skipper”.

When a judge hears what he likes the sound of, he presses a button and his chair will swivel round to face the contestant who will be mentored into a great sailing performer.

6. NS14 Idol.

Aspiring crews audition before a selection panel, their suitability to be a successful

N S 14 sailor. Those that get through that process, perform live before hyped up audiences and demonstrate their sailing talents till only one is left sailing. We have a winner and a new NS14 Idol is discovered.



NS14 News - January 2015

06/12/2014 – a windy one!

Dave missed yet another windy day, perhaps its only windy whilst he is not sailing.
Alex and Nat had lots of swims or almost swims – depending on if you speak to Alex or Nat. I am yet to record the actual numbers but knowing that Alex wants his name on a trophy – I reckon he is well on his way to winning this one.

Bob chose also to miss this windy race, preferring to reap the benefits of his own wind during the election process. Tony had fitted our compass on speedo mode for this race, we did a personal best of 13.1 knots down wind our fastest reach yet! - we still smile about it – we have improved dramatically on last seasons efforts as we were fast and steady and didn't even look like going for a swim – luckily. Jumbo and Leslie also had a great race and finished first – perhaps their new sign writing, courtesy of Alex helped. With boats dropping off the back end of the fleet rapidly – we finished 4th. Deb broke a halyard and tried to fix it, in the water, but with a wedding scheduled for the late arvo on the other side of town, they came ashore.

Over the line
The Dart
Don't Panic
Modest Mouse

The Dart
Don't Panic
Modest Mouse

Hot dry day – huge fires in the Adelaide Hills and no sailing

20/12/14 – club heat
With a crew re-shuffle for the race in an attempt to keep the office politics out. Tony sailed with Dave Colebatch, I sailed with Deb as Ash had hurt his back. Bob sailed with John. Dave was back and had Toni on board. It was a nice 12 knot day and Dave and Toni won by a couple of minutes from Alex and Tony who obviously benefited from the crew swap.

Without a Trace, Modest Mouse, Hammertime, The Dart, Don't Panic, Powderburn, Seabreeze, Sweet Little Rock n Roller.

27th no sailing – nationals

10/01/2015 crews race, another windy one but a bleak one– too windy for crews to skipper. Lucky for me my skipper was in Hollywood. Other crews also had the benefit of their skippers being unavailable as crews. Due to a total lack of numbers at the club, there was no racing.

17th January – TM Hardy
Light breeze, Dave away again as a result of sailing several short races (successfully) in a Laser but damaged his knee quite badly and is out for 2-6 weeks! Ash was recovered from his back injury and the blue boat powered to win by 5 mins – unfortunately didn't beat the sharpies – but were close. Tom and Chris did everything right, had the boat beautifully balanced and showed great speed (then the race started!)
The racing was close between all the fleet (except Deb who was obviously relishing having Ashley back on board), racing got even closer at the finish with Hammertime taking a chance on a port tack to beat Seabreeze by seconds!

We were duty class and the fleet carried out all tasks extremely well – the sausages were tastier than normal and the Hammertime crew took on the job of selling the raffle tickets – Tony immediately went into salesman mode and sold a record number of tickets (16) to a vegetarian!!!!

24th January 2015
Adrian and Chris finally reaped the rewards of one on one with Peter V after the race – with the secret working extremely well (not actually much of a secret as Adrian has loaded onto the website) -they were first and won the glasses. With the wind and the waves all over the place Bob has decided to name his boat an accurate description of this race – the Wallowing Slug – we reckon there is enough letters already on the side of the boat to make the new name with just a re-shuffle.

Deb and Ash were second and Alex and Nat were third and were getting closer as the wind dropped off. Many “gardens” were cleared off centreboards and rudders throughout the race.

Alex's boat is for sale – perhaps he is buying a new one for Nat as a wedding present! I think she may be a bit small for the boat he has in mind – a MG – an NS with the full enchilada (now there's a boat name Alex).

There seemed to be 2 races in the one race (or 3 if you count Chris and Tom – which most of us don't) as the top three were about half a leg ahead of Don't Panic and then a further half a leg back was the Wallowing Slug, the Dart and Hammertime. With lots of position changes throughout – Hammertime was the big winner with some well thought out sail settings and sailing techniques – Always making sure that the skipper was at maximum comfort. We managed to beat the other 2 boats at the finish line.

Tony really got into the “tour down under” mode by wearing his lycra – he left his boardies and rashy at home and also discovered post shower that he also forgot his towel. Either that or he is auditioning for the same genre film as Alex was a few weeks ago. Jumbo dunked Lesley in the water a few times on the dead run and declared the day Shitsenhousen

Winners over the line were
Adrian, Deb, Alex, Chris, Tony, Bob and John.

Handicap winners were:
Adrian, Alex, Deb, Chris, Tony, Bob, John.

Red Joker and Modest Mouse went to the Nationals in NSW, Alex says:-
“Nat and I enjoyed the experience of the nationals, enjoyed some good results plus some disappointment when our mast broke and we missed two races. It has also given us a clear guide on the areas that we need to improve on.”

Modest Mouse finished 19th over all and Red Joker was 25th

Lisa/Adrian's nationals report is available here ...DOWNLOAD PDF

Catch you next month

Adelaide Sailing Club news

Saturday 17th Jan
The first ASC race for the new Year saw two NS14s hit the water with Kyle Knott (1950) and his two boys Jackson and Ethan taking on Christian Knott (1952) and his daughter Amelia. The light conditions and copious amounts of weed made things tricky, however both NS’s started well and were evenly paced up the first work. Christian slipped away on the reach and Kyle was not able to keep touch. Despite losing to his brother, Kyle was very happy with his new purchase as well as how well his boys went in their first race. Hopefully Duncan (1933) will join us after Australia Day and will see 3 NS14’s at Adelaide Sailing Club.

In other news:
· 1952 will be racing at Milang at Easter, not sure if 1952 will be there or at Lake Bonney
· Christian has sold his International Canoe, to a UK buyer (which saw an Adelaide-Geelong-Adelaide road trip last Friday to get to the i14 container). This has freed up space in his shed – could there be an NS build happening soon?

Christian Knott

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