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A NEW series of NS14 Training Videos featuring Peter V sharing some racing tips and practical "how-to" demonstrations to help the average NS14 sailor improve on the race track. Filmed just after the Nationals in Teralba, January 2015.

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National Council Meeting

held at Teralba SC on January 3rd 2015
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Teralba Amateur
Sailing Club
28 Dec - 4 Jan 2015






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with National Champions, Peter Vaiciurgis, Hugh Tait
and Rohan Nosworthy.
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SA NS14 Past news


South Australian News and Information

12/03/13 - South Australian NS14 State Championships
Congratulations to Wayne Hale and Steve Jones sailing Fine Tune 2037 to win the South Australian State Championships. Runner up was last year's champion Dave Gordon and Kathryn Burdon with Jake Gilbertson and Daniel Adams in third spot. Thanks also to the Christies Beach Sailing Club who put on a great event. Read more >

07/11/12 - Membership Renewals DUE NOW
All entrants in the South Australian NS14 State Championships are required to be financial members. Download Membership Form (PDF)

09/08/11 - South Australia 2010 -11 SeasonReport
While numbers in the SA fleet in general remained stable this year, entrants for the state titles was perhaps a little disappointing. We experimented with the format a bit this year, holding 4 heats over 1 weekend at Adelaide Sailing Club and the final 2 heats a few weeks later at Port Vincent.

The first day at Adelaide saw excellent racing in moderate breezes. Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller unfortunately lost her rig only a few minutes before the start of the first race due to a side stay failing. The event was captured on the on board video recorder strapped to the end of the boom and can be viewed on the website. The two races were short, but exciting with tight finishes. Download Full Report (PDF)

12/10/10 - SA Report
Its been a long wet winter and Adelaide Natives believe it has been cold. A boat has been purchased from Sydney and will now race at Christies Beach Sailing Club, which brings that club to 2. A few “boats in sheds” have recently been purchased and we hope to see them on the water this season. Our AGM was held back in May. I was elected acting president in the absence of any volunteers. Bob Couch replaced Christine Grigg as Secretary and the association thanked Christine for her long and outstanding contribution in that position. Adrian Adams has taken over as publicity officer as this will now happen predominantly through the web and email. Other office bearers remain the same. It was agreed that SA would trial the use of electronic devices (including those not currently allowed) in non-State title races. Contingent on the use of devices is the responsibility to report back to the association so that informed opinions can be formed by members in regards to future proposals for the use of such items. Also, the format of our state titles was changed to include a weekend (2 days) with 2 back-to-back races each day, followed by the usual trip to Port Vincent in February for 2 races. Looking forward to the sailing.

25/07/10 - SA President’s End of Season Report June 2010.
Compared to the 2008-9 season, this year has felt quite calm from a presidential perspective, but quite a lot has been going on. In this last season, we have trialled a slightly different format for the State Titles, had numerous team alterations, held our very own land based come’n’try day in 30 knots, assisted with the sale of 4 boats that have been in hibernation and welcomed their new owners into the fold and awarded the handicap trophy to one of those boats.

The association has slowly but surely been working towards attracting more sailors and in particular young families to the class. We have grown our fleet from the 6 or 7 boats regularly racing 5 years ago when Andrew and I arrived in SA, to 10 or sometimes 12 boats on a state or club championship heat. The numbers aren’t spectacular, but its a 30-50% increase, depending on which day you count the competitors, so I believe we have had significant growth. Read More (PDF)

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