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SA News 2016

NS14 News - November 2015


After a long winter, season finally started – or did it ?– with the very light wind you would have to wonder.

Bob started his season by “slumming it” upstairs attending the Opening Day lunch, we heard there were prawns and Russian caviar on offer– yet none were thrown over the balcony to the peasants below.

It seemed to work on Bob as he took off from the start like Black Caviar. Jem had the best start of everyone and lead the whole way around – he was fortunate to be ahead of the pack enough that he didn't have to be part of the barging that Black Caviar maintained at several buoys (don't mention the Sabre or the rules!). Deb and Ashley had to do the same thing on the next lap.

Dean and I were “safely” a few boat lengths back so could watch the fun unfold. The most fun was had by Chris and Tom in Don't Panic who were part of a “Sharpie Sandwich” and ended up with a lovely white stripe on their blue hull, and were hooked up on the anchor rope.

“Sharpies to the left, Sharpies to the right into the boy of death sailed 1997”

We have decided that all NS's apart from 1919 (Bob) should be encased in bubble wrap to prevent additions to original artwork.

Thankfully the course was shortened and Jem was the big winner, with Black Caviar Bob second.

The rest of the fleet swapped positions continuously.

Darryl sailed with newcomer Robert, who in his youth sailed with Helen Ward's daughter Jessica.


17th October

We got our 2 Bob's worth with Bob teaming up with newcomer Robert.

With a light and shifty South Easterly breeze and a South Westerly swell it was a nauseatingly slow uncomfortable day (especially for Lesley). Alex and Nat who were obviously in a different time zone or breeze as they won by a leg and a half.

Dave, just back from hiking in Japan and with Dan not being available missed nothing! By not turning up.

Jem had another fantastic race, this time with Cain on board, he went from 9th – 2nd – 4th -3rd.

Dean and I were there, but did seem to spend most of the time on the wrong side of the shifts. We were somewhat un-stealth like with a very noisy mast step.

Winners over the line were:-

Alex & Nat, Adrian and Chris, Jem and Cain, Deb and Ashley – though the result sheet said that Jake was the winner – Amazing!

Adrian won on handicap.

Deb and Ashley saw a pod of dolphins, Dean said he saw a dolphin, but we didn’t see it come up for a breath of air – it was something grey and big and probably a dolphin.

Bob without the aid of a free lunch peaked way too

early and was dressed in his sailing gear hours before anyone else but didn't have the success of the previous week.


24th October – Club Heat 1

“Same s...., different day” - yep another south easter.

Alex and Nat headed off to NZ for a conference and then a hike.

Tom was helping Bob rigging up as Chris was unwell. There was some discussion to work out if Tom was going to be sailing with a better or worse skipper for the race.

Deb and Ashley were keen and the first to get their gear on. The rest of us observed the AP flag and held off on the wetsuit struggle.

Dave spent ages saying how the wind was dropping and that a race was unlikely but as the minutes ticked closer to the start time he got changed! Remarking on how he still fits into his wetsuit – I don't reckon his weight has changed in the 20+ years that I have known him.

Lesley was not keen after the experiences of the previous week, they (Lesley) made the decision not to sail.

Dean also put me out of certain knee pain by calling it quits early on.

In the calm and quite of decision making an explosion was heard, tragedy surrounded Tim's trailer tyre. He has not had good luck with trailers on the beach.

John Jenkins and I signed Daryl Emery's membership form – welcoming him for the season. Dan paid up.

Tony enlisted the Toni C as a crew, unfortunately all she had to do was de-rig Hammertime as the race was postponed (thankfully). Some of us went for a swim, some had a beer, and some went home – all of us looking forward to a more favourable breeze for the next race.


30th October – club heat 2

Deb was away at martial arts grading

John and Lesley were playing golf in Mildura (or were they on a “secret” pokies trip??)

Alex and Nat are still away.

Chris is back with the benefit of some “medication”

Daryl has taken on Cain as his crew, they dazzled to the lead, however, there was an infringement on the start line with daughter Ashleigh in Modest Mouse, both were loudly proclaiming they were in the right – my skipper Dean who watched the event unfold – thinks that Ashleigh was in the right.

Stealth was in the best position to see this as we were the only boat to make a start on Port (Tawny) – it worked beautifully and we were in the lead...... for 10 seconds......

Daryl continued to dazzle the fleet until halfway through the race when he thought the course flag on the start boat was for the shorter course and began a leg in a slightly different direction. He managed to see the error in his ways, changed course and maintained the lead, but gave Dave and Adrian a window of opportunity. The last triangle was interesting with Dave and Dan and Adrian and Chris vying for second place, with Tom and Chris next in line. Adrian knew there was a problem on Red Joker when Don't Panic began closing in – the source of the speed restriction was weed on his rudder, with this removed he held of the dark blue boat but had given Without a Trace some much needed breathing space.

Dean and I had our best day out since we teamed up. After our spectacular start which saw us at the back of the fleet by the top buoy all we could do was work our way through the fleet, which is what we did with some very concentrated skippering by Dean and not much of a contribution by myself. We passed Bob and Christine (always a feel good moment), Blue Moon and finally Modest Mouse. We ended up 5th. Jem and Libby started well but dropped back to 6th.

Tim and his daughter in Meldown retired early.

Patience and persistence was the order of the day, both of which eluded Bob who obviously was focussed on post race activities. He was a late apology for our meeting on Friday night as he obviously thought a date with a lovely lady was better than discussing NS14 stuff with me, Deb, Ashley and John H.

A second date was on the cards for Sat evening as well! Bob and Christine slipped back through the fleet because of this – or was it the skipper's impeccable decision making! Time will tell. Bob will probably blame the weather or something!

Daryl and Cain in Daredevil were first Dave and Dan in Without a Trace were second, Adrian and Chris were third over the line.

Here is hoping that there is more than 5 knots of breeze really soon – though we will need retraining to cope!

Catch you on the water

Lisa (Stealth crew)

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