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SA News 2014

NS14 News – November 2014

I have been advised by the non panicking crew on “don't panic” that some of my facts in the previous article were incorrect? - A response was promised but as yet one has not been received – perhaps my facts were actually true? One fact which did turn out to be incorrect was the one saying that Emma was sailing with her husband, when in fact she was sailing with her Dad – oops! Sorry Steve.

Trophy race – 8th Nov
Measurement time – Tony was measured but came up a bit short, but was signed off by measurer John Haines – its just a few millimetres so I am sure we will be fine – or perhaps he could CGI or foam construct something to make the mast the correct length. Jem is still waiting in the measurement line.

A windy day – 18+ to start and a lumpy sea.
Dean did a spectacular windsurfer start, and continued to make Sharon work really hard to keep the boat flat, so hard in fact that she has been out injured ever since. Tony and I left the beach last – but had a spectacular trip to the start boat with Tony inventing a new trophy for personal submarine – he did manage to submerge himself twice on the way to the start – he did hang on to the mainsheet and steered the boat up and with me launching to the leeward side a big test of crew response and care factor, we made the start line without a swim(s). After the race he was wowed and mesmerised by the rainbow patterns on the jib – I couldn't see them – perhaps because I was not under water!

Adrian had a great start and won the race – this was due to some extremely great pole work by his trusty crew Chris. Deb went from second to fifth and back to second – where she finished. Alex was sporting a new set of sails, but had a timer issue and started last but went on to finish 3rd. Dave was in Sydney for the day.
Bob chickened out. John and Lesley had an eventful day with the Quell not taking effect as usual, rendering Lesley sea sick.  Back on shore and after a refreshing and warm shower she was seen consuming coke and chicken chips in a bid to recover.  Jem enjoyed the race more as the wind dropped off – it's tricky getting to know a new boat in these conditions.  Tony proceeded to wash his hair thoroughly two more times! - talk about saving a skipper.....

NS14 Consistency Race 3
1st - Hammertime, Tony Clark
2nd - Red Joker, Adrian Adams
3rd - Powderburn, Debbie Colebatch
Fastest - Red Joker, Adrian Adams

Glasses were also handed out for the previous 2 races-

Modest Mouse
Sweet Little Rock N Roller

Liquid Insanity
Without a trace

In a boost to our confidence the Hammertime team are now sporting additional tumblers and wine glasses.

15th November Club Heat – wrong …... no wind – but Nat did win the meat tray!
We enjoyed a fantastic pizza night at Jem and Karen's place in Belair.

22nd November
City of Holdfast Bay – no, not this weekend. We were greeted at the club with heavy rain and lightening.
When the weather did break, most NS14's did start rigging their boats – with the hope that the carbon masts if hit by lightening would turn into diamonds! This did not happen and neither did the race, another wind free day.

Whilst there was no sailing the hard working delegate was working on filling empty crew spots.  Already successful with Toni now sailing with Dave, more crews were still needed.  We now welcome Beck who will sail with John Haines.  A late request for a crew for Jem who's faithful crew Libby is out for several months after undergoing surgery.  We are all thinking of her and hope she gets well soon. I did remember that Pikey had a possible crew available – with some after hours negotiation secured Sue for Jem.

29th November – 2 x state heats scheduled and the weather forecast dodgy.
12 boats – with only 1 – Enter the Dragon being from Adelaide – a great result to have almost everyone on the water! With Alex sporting very “Anchorman” Movember facial hair making him look like he should be the star in a certain genre film.  Filming aside, he was a winner on the water (with Nat)– blitzing Dave and Toni in the first race by 3 minutes in very light breeze, Deb and Ash were not far behind. Then John and Lesley, Tom and Chris, Christian and Kevin, Tony and I, Adrian and Chris, Bob and Christine, John and Beck, Jem and Sue and Emma and her Dad (got it right this time). I had forgotten to wear my watch which did nothing to dampen our excellent starts because of a fail safe back up– This is Hammer-time’s best race yet. The tide was a big factor and a certain blue boat got a little too close to the top mark and paid the penalty. Close racing which is fantastic. The course was shortened thanks to the team on the committee boat who wanted us to get the next heat done.

Race 2 started cleanly.
Hammertime had to tack early which, we have discovered can be the result of great start, there are lots of boats around!  We did tack back to go along the shore. Shortly after the Dart tacked out to sea and kept going in a very brave move to blitz the fleet, but the tide got the better of him and this move clearly did not pay off.
Alex was again leading, Dave second and Deb third.  In the dying moments of the race, down wind – Deb and Ash and the Tequila are excellent at this – got in front of Without a trace. At one point Deb, checking on the closest rivals asked Ashley who was next behind them.  Ashley very correctly answered – the candidate for Fisher (as shown below). Enter the Dragon was trying to force Bad Joker off the course on the final leg, we were hoping they would both miss the finish flag – but they didn't – Adrian held Christian off.

More close racing and Deb and Beck got to try out their poles.
Results of this race over the line were:-
Modest Mouse, Powderburn, Without a Trace, the candidate for Fisher, Red Joker, Enter the Dragon, Blue Moon, Hammertime, Don't Panic, Smoke and Mirrors, Sea Breeze, The Dart.
With sausages on sale at the reduced price of $1 – I asked Tom and Chris how they liked the look of the Hammertime transom (trash talk is always appropriate).  Apparently there is not much of a transom and therefore not much to like – dissapointing.

Club race results
Modest Mouse – Alex and Nat
Sweet Little Rock N Roller – Bob and Christine
Hammertime – Tony and Lisa

Looking forward to more close racing over the coming weeks with new teams bonding and old teams re-bonding or calming whichever is the case. Catch you next time.


Tom and Chris

Chris and Tom- from Liquid Insanity to Don’t Panic

Adrian and Chris

Red Joker- Adrian and Chris cruising

bsyc fleet

Sweet Little Rock and Roller- Bob and Christine racing Tony and Lisa


Hammertime-Tony and Lisa on a day they submerged the boat as well!

NS14 News – October 2014


Opening Day – finally, and with a perfect breeze.

It was great to see Emma and her husband out on “Sea breeze” and Dean Crichton with crew Sharon with their clearly visible boat -”Stealth”

As Tony was O/S I sailed with Dave – first time for several years, I found this boat incredibly slippery!
Alex and Nat slipped – over! (Tom – my assistant editor and I are keeping numbers this season)
I think most crews had trouble with their pole work, I managed to get the bobble on the end of a tweaker stuck in the end of the pole which prevented it extending more than a foot above the deck, apparently this has never been done before.

Tom apparently needs more practice on his pole work as well. Dave and I were the first boat in the whole fleet to give 3 cheers to the Commodore, Ashley was wondering if I would remember what boat I was actually on! - there has been a few.

Without a Trace
Modest Mouse
Liquid Insanity
Sweet little Rock n Roller
And almost Sea breeze.

Opening day music and burgers were enjoyed – however disco dancer – oops! Rock n Roller Bob said the music was not “proper” - I can only assume that he felt the music not conducive to his style of dancing!
NS14 Fleet to Chris and Tom – “are you getting a new boat”? Tom and Chris – “no – what new boat”

18th October – trophy race – 7 boats
Northerly in the morning usually equals nothing in the arvo.  We waited an hour for the start, had about 1 hour of nice breeze before not much again. There was a lot of too'ing and fro'ing with the first 3 boats. Some crews had lost concentration some kicked ass (no I didn't make that up – it was a directive from the disco boat).
Tony and I struggled in the light breeze – our inertia just not going fast enough forward.  On the positive side, the new mast, and sails were beautiful, the jib set nicely and looked great.

Dave was working from home whilst I was working as a good delegate should on finding him a crew. The final mark of the shortened course turned into a dogs breakfast with boats “parked” all over the place – it was a struggle and special thanks to Barnsey for giving us a bit of help back to shore.

Modest Mouse
Red Joker

Biggest news this week is Alex got a spot on the top (of the boat shed) – everyone knows this is one place where you have to start on the top and work your way to the bottom – Deb has been on the bottom for years!
NS14 Fleet to Tom and Chris “ are you getting a new boat yet?”
Tom and Chris - “no – what new boat”

28th October – Club Heat 1 – 6 Boats
Alex had a week of fixing stuff – first he welded Jem's boat trailer, then Nat put her knee through the centreboard before sailing so he had to fix that, then he had problem with his extension (tiller I presume?) that also needed to be fixed. Dave sailed with new crew Toni and took her over the finish line first, a great start for their Club Championship campaign.John and Lesley went to the Rolling Stones concert. Tony headed off to Los Angeles for the week.

Over the line results:-
Without a Trace
Modest Mouse.

NS14 Fleet to Tom and Chris “we heard you were getting a new boat?”
Tom and Chris “what new boat?”

ns14 Adelaide sailing club

State Heat weekend 1 – we were at Adelaide supporting the other half of our fleet – 8 boats in total Guess who rocked up with a new boat – Tom and Chris – Don't Panic (no that is the actual name of the boat!)

Heat 1 and 2 – blown out with 25k+ winds and 2m seas.
Heat 3 and 4 the following day, Sunday starting at 1pm in a light breeze.

Jem and Libby had Blue Moon out for the first time. Tom and Chris surprised everyone by rocking up with a new boat, another Tiger – called Don't Panic- fitted out as an MG – they have decided for the moment to sail it as an NS though.  After weeks of everyone asking about the rumours and them denying, denying and denying. Finally they had to come clean.  Apparently Liquid Insanity will be sold at 1 pm next Sunday to Christian's brother, it will be joining the fleet at Adelaide. With Tony recovering from his LA marketing trip – I once again teamed up with Dave. Christian took is Sabre sailing Dad out – all other teams the same.

Heat 3 was lightish and the lightweight teams did very well – Debbie was flying at times and fighting hard for first position. Dave and I were 4th just behind Adrian and Chris – we could hear cheering on the finish line just ahead – Alex and Nat just beat Deb and Ash. Bob and Christine were annoyingly close to us most of the race and finished 5th. Next was Enter the Dragon, The Dart and Blue Moon.

Heat 4 More breeze kicked in and John and Lesley had a great start, but so did Dave and I – we made it round the first mark first and headed off on a lightening fast first reach ahead of the fleet, where we stayed but with Deb and Ash catching up on the down wind legs a bit – and a lot on the dead run.  We managed to hold them off which brought back old memories.

Without a Trace
Red Joker
The Dart
Enter the Dragon
Modest Mouse
Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Don't Panic
Blue Moon

John, Lesley, Dave and I wished we had started our 2 races in the 2pm breeze instead of the 1pm breeze – Nat and Christine were complaining about there aches and pains and were trying to work out who most deserved to use the disabled shower cubical!


Winners of race 1 were Alex Poole and Nat Jastrzbski(on left) and race 2 was Dave Gordon and Lisa Brock. Well done guys!

Resale of Heats 1 and 2 will be 29th November at BSYC.

Jem has taken his new position of photographer/event co-ordinator/facebook editor very seriously – all results and photos are uploaded as super speed! Also we need a crew for John Haines – let me know if you are interested!!!

Catch you next month



NS14 News 2014

5th April 2014

Both John Jenkins and Alex celebrated their birthday on this day, Alex felt old turning 30!

To celebrate his birthday The Dart performed extremely well as did crew, Lesley and they all sailed over the line first. Alex and Nat were second, then Adrian and Chris (who had been unwell with the flu the previous few weeks) then Deb and Ashley.  Jem with me on board (not many boats in the fleet I haven't been at the front of this season)  then Bob who had somehow convinced Rory to skipper. Chris Hart was playing the bag pipes at a folk festival (need I say more?)

Emma and her husband Brad also sailed but struggled in the tricky south easter and pulled out. 

Dave was away this week but his presence was felt because 2 of his jibs were gracing forestays,  one on Slip Sliding Away and one on Modest Mouse (perhaps a birthday present in the pipeline for Alex?).

The Dart
The Dart, John and Leslie performing

We all headed off post race to John and Lesley's to celebrate birthdays, wins and the almost close of the season in a pizza night which turned into a BBQ but ended up a curry night with some delicious curries to sample (lucky everyone loved the many personal interpretations of a green chicken curry – even Bob “made” one!)

It was great to see Emma and Brad who made the long trek from a party at her Dad's (3 doors up) to join us for a while – we are all looking forward to seeing you guys more on and off the water next season.

12th April – final race!

Tony and I had our fingers crossed all week for a 20knot blast to finish off the season – we almost got it – at least 15 anyway!

Unfortunately after so many “light ones” we struggled a bit to control an over keen boat.

Tony and Lisa loving 20 knots

The other blue boat (Powderburn) enjoyed a change of skipper for a while as Ashley took the helm, until the halyard came down and more on water boat maintenance was required (if only Deb knew some one who knows how to fix boats!) 

Deb declared her retirement – hopefully only from the last race and the 2013/14 season and not forever!

Whilst gathering notes for the newsletter as I quite often do as it reduces the amount of made up stuff that fills the pages of the log book and quite often people are keen to pass on gossip after a couple of beers. I asked Dave and Dan if anything happened that I could write about – Nothing..... was the answer – how boring – no one yells, no one almost feeds their late lunch pasty to the fish, no one stuffs up – apparently the are professionals (well this is what Dan says anyway) – it must be partly true as they won.

John and Lesley also declared themselves professional (well they do have the matching slim line black gear) as nothing happened on their boat either, there were lots of instructions from skipper to crew but definitely no cross words as in previous newsletters. I thought I did hear mention of some heavy breathing but decided to gather no further information on that. 

Nat declared she was stuffed after the additional breeze and the continuous instruction to hike out from her wonderful skipper Alex.

Tony and I (as usual) were having a tussle with Jem and Libby. Jem did a spectacular dismount from the back of the boat, and Tony and I did NOT cheer! - the boat tipped and they were both in the water with the boat turtled (second time this year I believe) – as we crawled past (the wind chose that exact moment to drop to zero) Libby remarked how nice it was in the water.  Much to my surprise, though something that regularly happens is not usually a surprise Tony nearly fell out as well.  Luckily my seasonal training in this manoeuvre caused me to respond instantly by launching across the boat to keep it upright and the mast pointing to the sky.  A match race to the finish ensued but we were narrowly beaten by Slip Sliding Away.

Bob saw part of a dolphin (he is unsure of the exact part) but Christine can verify.

Deb tried to put a blue stripe on The Dart to give Jumbo something to think about over winter but was unsuccessful – perhaps that will give Deb something to think about over winter.  Perhaps it was because The Dart had its stealth mainsail on and “tricked” the other blue boat. 

Jem had a dolphin (no elaboration required!)

With the racing over for the season, the real work begins – the draft – who is in,  who is out, who has already signed – it is all going on.

Nothing confirmed except that Bob has already signed Christine - is that because if she is not there he will forget what to do? Or where to go? I think this may be the case because I have heard Christine tell him quite often where to go – it could just be a case of the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

Its been a mixed season for me, but I have enjoyed the last half of the season and managed to sail most weeks. I have had great fun and lots of laughs sailing on Hammertime with Tony.

Good luck with winter maintenance and catch you all on Presentation night.


PS Jem has just sold Slip Sliding Away, and is now working lots of overtime to get an Aero 10 or 11.

Sold but not forgotton


NS14 SA News - September 2014

Winter training is well underway with various team members undergoing different “preparations” to get ready for the season.  

Christine (Bob's long suffering crew is once again in warm waters on a “big boat”  as below:-
We had 8 days/nights as a bareboat charter in the Whitsundays on a 35ft cat.  Great weather and sailing.  I even got to do some skippering.  I shared a cabin with Fiona and Annie who works on the Start/Finish boat at the club.  Evelyn Grigg my old crew from the Betty was also part of the crew.  Lots of snorkelling and an encounter of the turtle kind.  We stopped at Hamilton Island and I ran into Merrill who sailed with John Hutson and John, who sailed a season with Deb I think.  They are living in Townsville now.

Seems like it is old home week for some X NS14 sailors.

If any one was wondering what happened to Dave's old boat Alternative Pathway, it would seem that it has taken a very different pathway – to Sydney as Ben and Mirjana have moved there and are looking forward to their first sail on the Harbour at Hunters Hill Sailing Club.  Good Luck guys!

Christian and his crew Amelia are due to “shake out the cobwebs” this week.

Jem and Libby took Blue Moon out for a sail last week.

Tony and I went sailing a few weeks back sunny day but water was cold (from splashing in over the deck!).

Map below show's what training Dave has been doing, he has been walking from one side to the other over 2 weeks.  Excellent training for sailing!

uk walk

Dean Crichton has bought a NS from Victoria called Stealth – he is looking forward to joining the fleet!

No other news from any other teams till next month when we all see how we have faired over the winter.

Catch you then

The SA NS14 Association Presentation Night 2013-14


The SA NS14 Association presentation night for the 2013-14 season was held at BSYC on Friday 16 May. An enjoyable evening it was!  Lisa our president did a terrific job presenting the trophies.

The recipients were

Dave Gordon and Daniel Adams- winner state titles and club championship
Deb Colebatch and Ashley Barclay- winner on handicap state titles and club championship
Chris Hart and Tom Vercoe - runner up on handicap state titles
Jem Woodroffe and Libby John- winner of most improved in state heats
Alex Poole and Nat Jastrzebski - winner of most improved club heats
Adrian Adams and Chris Rivett- winner of the traveller trophy
Tony Clark and Lisa Brock -winner of the submarine trophy
Lesley Jenkins -winner of the damage trophy(for damage done to her thumb helping John with the mast before sailing even started-it put her out for weeks!)
Matthew Van Riel-winner of encouragement award

NS14 Presentation Night

NS14 Presentation Night

NS14 Presentation Night

NS14 Presentation Night

NS14 Presentation Night

NS14 Presentation Night
Thanks to Cameron Barclay for the photos!


NS14 Association National Supporters and Sponsors